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The Beaufort Christmas Fair - What to Expect

Please read the Health & Safety Policy for Stall-holders here

The fair is held in the elegant Marquee which plays host to the annual Hunt Ball the following Saturday, so as a venue it is a delight. This said, the Marquee is in a field and the end of November can bring anything from warm winter sun to torrential downpours or even snow so do watch the weather and be prepared for extremes.  Below is a list of a few things worth considering, especially if it is your first time at the Fair:-

What is Provided

The space comes with a 2ft 6 inch x 6ft table if you don't need a table just let us know. There is space to walk around the table, take a look at the PDF of last years Fair here.

There is an electric socket and 4G.

The cafe does sell hot food which tends to run out mid afternoon, so bear this in mind when planning your day - we don't want you wasting away!

Setting up

Set up is from 7am on the day of the fair. If you would like to set up the day before there is access to the Marquee from 2pm. There is lighting in the afternoon but no heating so please dress warmly. Overnight security is also present. You will receive full set-up instructions with details of your stand number prior to the event.

Bring Stock in Plastic Boxes

Although every effort is made to make the marquee as watertight as possible it is in a field and sudden torrential downpours don't always drain away as fast as we would like. Water may seep in through seams and the floor so keeping stock in plastic boxes is advisable. Also consider how quickly you can move stock should the worse happen. Hopefully we will have a warn sunny winters day - so watch the weather and plan accordingly

Bring a friend to help

With doors opening at 9.30am and not closing until 8pm, it can be a long day, especially when you factor in setting up and taking down. Having someone to help move stock, fetch refreshments and give you a couple of breaks really helps make the day all that more enjoyable - it's much easier to sell with a smile on your face after all!

You will Need all Relevant Insurances to Exhibit

As with all events of this nature you will need all the relevant insurances to exhibit. Stall Holders Insurance starts from as little as £40 a year and can include Public Liability and damage to stock - do check. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are fully covered.

Lots of Shoppers

We had over 1000 people through the door last year - that's a lot of smiling you need to do! Our shoppers come from a diverse background so having things to suit all pockets is a good idea as is ensuring items are easy to carry, so make sure you have enough bags and packaging, especially for breakable items.

We May Take your Photo?

The Beaufort Christmas Fair is heavily promoted both in print and on Social Media. You also have the opportunity to have your stall profiled on our stall holders page. You will be contacted prior to the event and asked to submit your details, please do. After the event we create a gallery which captures the mood of the event and is again promoted.

The Insider's Guide to Making the Most of Your Space at the Beaufort Christmas Fair

“The Beaufort Christmas Fair is in one of  prettiest tents you will ever exhibit in, draped walls and a nice floor, it is usually muddy plastic walls and long wet grass underfoot so a real treat” says Aly of Rural Wrappings,  a long-time stall holder at the Beaufort Christmas Fair. So, apart from a pretty venue, just how do you make the most of your space? Aly along with other stall-holders shared some hints & tips. 

Horizontal Space is limited so Aly recommends making the most of vertical space “make borrow or buy displays that go up If you are not against the wall have a folding framework at the back of the table that you can use both sides of  I use the back of the vertical display to hang my carriers bags, tissue, ribbons etc so all at hand but not taking up space.”

Don’t be afraid of thinking outside the table – do you actually need it? Sometimes creating a ‘walk in’ style stall can really help to engage customers.

Also consider unique ways to display your items using props that echo your brand. Themed stalls can have a great visual impact, use props to add to the story allowing visitors to visualise your items in their homes.

If you are not a liqueur, Wine & Spirit Stall then you can help your visitors to get into the Christmas Spirit by dressing your stall with a Christmassy feel. Don't forget this year we have mulled wine & mince pies to help people feel the spirit of Christmas!

On the theme of all things Christmas, which as the home of Christmas Shopping, the Beaufort Fair is one of the best places to buy unique and good quality gifts. Consider your range, affordable easy to carry gifts always sell really well.

As an inside market lighting is a big thing, not just so people can see your products but it can add emphasis on a set of items or one large item that will draw people to your stall.   Sometimes a large visually impactful product will draw people in, it might be expensive so you might not sell it on the day but people may purchase other less expensive items with an aspiration to come back next year for the main one!

One thing many agree on is to mock-up your stand at home, Aly recalls for one event she even practised getting it all in the car! You want your set-up to run smoothly, so take photos of your mock-up to refer to if you are unsure.

Clear pricing is a must – people are sometimes shy to ask and if there are no prices they assume it’s expensive or over-priced.  Get there early – it’s amazing just how quickly such a large space can fill with people and you don’t want to be setting up when you should be selling.

If you can, just display a few of each item and leave your stock in clearly marked boxes out of sight.

And the simplest tip – Love your products says Aly, if you do so, someone else will - oh - and dress warm and comfy – it is winter in the countryside!

Beaufort Christmas Fair Exhibitors
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